Bedbugs (kudin cizo) : Use These 3 Ingredients To Kill All Insects Without Wasting Any Amount Of Money.


Hello! today I will show you how to get rid of bedbugs in your home without spending any amount of money.

Blood-sweeping insects are bedbugs that not only bother you but makes you socially disgusting when you come across them. 

Some people strive to escape you when they notice bedbugs

It’s really enjoyable to learn before the bedbugs gets your entire house.

It has a male or female gland on the same body thus it breeds more quickly than other insects.

If you meet a single bedbug by chance, there are many bedbugs in your house. But this is a tremendous chance.

I doubt they’d prefer to go to your place if anybody looks at the bugs at home. Believe me that bedbugs are not cool at home. 

Destroy, remove and prevent embarrassment permanently with this simple combination.

The ingredients you need are:

  • Petroleum
  • The Camphor
  • A baking soda

Mix the three components together and shake thoroughly to exterminate your bedbug

Sprinkle it on all corners after 30 minutes so you can swiftly hit the body. You are happy to hide in narrow corner spaces such as wooden dwellings, mattresses, and tables. 

Specified the spray space outcome After spraying for two or three hours. Do this for three days and see the result.

This mixture can be poisonous to the most important of all and can harm critical organism.

This is preferable to alternative solutions, like sausage of really tough insecticides that can affect your potential health.

If one of the chemicals continues to inhale, it is poisonous.

Take a note.


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