Do you know that you can make a free call with wi-fi? No airtime no data required.


Do you know that you can call someone for free through Wi-Fi. It uses Wi-Fi to connect and there is no data charges Infact you will off your data and connects it.

Okay without wasting much of your time, this is only obtainable by using an app. Don’t worry the app does not have much megabytes, it is just 4.5MB. So let’s go there.

Here are all the things you need:

1. All tools app ( you will download it on playstore or google it).

2. Two Android phones for the communication.


1. Download All tools app from playstore (4.5MB) and install it.

2. Open the app, under Wi-Fi utility you will see Wi-Fi call. Tap on Wi-Fi call.

Note: remember that you need two phones for the call.

3. One of the phone should click on call and the other should click on receive. When connected, the two phones can communicate without internet connection or airtime charges.

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