Do you know some signs that if you notice them your phone is hacked.


It is normal for a phone to be hacked since some users have made not protected their data well. Some users have found themselves downloading unknown apps. Hackers have come up with many ways they can use to get access to your data. This can only happen when you are not careful with the Apps you use and the Hot spots you connect your phone to.

Technology has made it possible to hack one’s phone. Once hacked, you can now monitor the calls and messages he receives. These can happen without the person noticing that someone is actually monitoring him. However, there are things that will help you know whether someone is monitoring your phone or not. It is important to take note of this very important information so that you avoid being hacked. Below are some things that will help you know whether someone is monitoring your phone or not.

1. You will get notifications from the Apps that you don’t remember installing on your phone. It is either the app was installed automatically or it gained access through other means. When you get such notification, be careful with your next move, in case you are prompted to allow a certain app to access your files, contacts, or any other information, be careful before you allow it to access.

2. You will find out that some messages have been read already. When you find read messages that you did not read, then your phone is hacked. This means someone can read your messages, see the calls, and any other information without your notice. You should be careful so that you protect your phone immediately you realize this strange move.

3. Your phone may start consuming so much data. Even if you restrict your background consumption of data, you will still realize that you are spending a lot on data. You should be careful and check whether someone has had access to your phone.

4. Some applications will stop working, hang or respond slowly. This can happen even if you have updated your software system or apps. You should check properly if the system has failed or someone has gotten access to your smartphone. Any malicious work towards your phone will cause some apps to stop working.

5. Some apps may fail to recognize you. Before you log in, you will find out that you had logged in already. You will also notice that you have been logged out in some apps in which you did not log out on your own. You can even find out that your passwords have been changed, especially the social media apps like Facebook. Furthermore, you can take swift action when you realize this strange behavior with your smartphone.

Be care of the unknown apps to download.


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