Unique characteristics of computer unit one

Characteristics of computer.

Adding machine, slide rule, cash register, calculation and so on. Cannot be considered as computer, though they takes data data as input, process it and provide results as output. Nevertheless they fall short in some respects. Computer has some distinguishing characteristics that makes it unique and different from any other machine. These includes not limited the following characteristics of computer:

Accuracy – computer produce accurate results when the right input is supplied for processing based on the general rule GIGO ( Garbage in Garbage Out). Computer errors hardly occurs, numerous errors in computing are as a result of human factors.

High speed – computer operate at a very high speed measured as nano and pico second, depending on it’s capacity. A microprocessor for example process millions of instructions per second (MIPS). Repeatedly with accuracy.

Interactive – computer is a user-friendly machine that allows the exchange of information or instructions between it and a person (operator).

Automation – computer is equipped with facilities (programmes) that enable it to perform a repetitive task for a specified or unspecified number of times with little or no human intervention.

Versatility – computer, unlike other machines, is able or meant to be used for many different tasks. A computer can be used for all things, the other information processing tools can be used for, and many other things they cannot do, this is evident in the vast range of it’s usage.

Large storage – ability to store and process large amounts of data than all the other machines listed above. Computer has a large storage capacity, which is expressed in “bytes”. It is also categorized into two “internal and external” otherwise known as main memory (primary memory – HDD, CD, Flash-Drive and etc) and secondary memory (auxiliary storage unit – RAM&ROM).

Capability – power, facility or practical /potential ability necessary to carry out the expected tasks or set of operations.

Reliability – computer is able to be accurate and provide a correct result no matter how tasks are involved, and at the same speed without trouble.

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