The three different classification of the computer.

There are quite a few ways of classifying computers which are:

  1. Classification of computer by purpose.
  2. Classification of computer by type of data processed.
  3. Classification of computer by capability/processing power.

Classification of Computer By Purpose.

Computers are classified here as either Special Purpose or General Purpose Computer.

Special Purpose Computers – special purpose computers are designed to solve special problems. Examples of these computers are the computers used:

  • In process control application.
  • In oil refinery.
  • In steel processing.
  • In power generation.
  • In traffic control system.
  • In military decisions, etc.

General Purpose Computers – the general purpose computers on the other hand are designed to solve a wide variety of problems. It’s the computer program (software) which determined the task to be solved. Examples of these are computers found in educational institutions used to teach students programming to solve scientific problems. Others are found in organisations to solve variety of business problems such as payroll, accounting inventory, sales analysis, engineering designs and etc. It uses stored program to switch between applications.

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