Simple Way To Direct Someone To Your Location.


A simple conversation between “Audu and Tanko”

AUDU: Hi, good afternoon, I hope I am not disturbing you, I just want to take up a few minutes of your time.

TANKO: No, don’t worry, what is the problem?

AUDU: SSee I am on the way to my friend’s wedding reception, but I am actually lost. I haven’t been in the area for a years and I have lost my way.

TANKO: what’s thw address you are actually looking for?

AUDU: ooh okay, it’s 39B Shagari Quarters.

TANKO: 339B the Shagari Quarters?? That’s a bit along way from here, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • See, drive to the endof the road,
  • Then turn left on to the main road,
  • Carry on driving till you see town hall,
  • There is junction there,
  • On the right hand you will see a Blue shop called “Kantin Sauki”
  • Am very sure the reception is taking place there.

AUDU: ok thanks, I go to the end of the road, then turn left and there’s junction at down hall, am I right?

TANKO: yes, correct and don’t forget the Blue shop, follow these directions and you won’t get lost again.


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