Simple tips of telling the time in english language

The simple definition of time according to Dictionary is a particular period of time for which something has been happening, or that is needed for something:

Below are some idioms that are uses when telling a time :

  • In time: means “before the latest time possible.”
  • On time: means “at the schedule time’ or punctually.”
  • Bags of time: means “a lot of time or plenty of time.”
  • Some common error which occurs in sentence.

Here are some 12 simple tips to tell a time:

  1. O’clock
  2. Past
  3. To
  4. Half
  5. A quarter
  6. At
  7. It’s
  8. At about
  9. By
  10. Just a coming up to
  11. Just gone
  12. Exactly

—) To tell someone what the time is, we use “it’s

Ex: What time is it? __ it’s ten O’clock.

—) To say when something happens, we use “at

Ex: I will meet you both at ten O’clock.

—) To give the latest time when something should happen, we use “by

Ex: I will be back home by ten O’clock.

—) When we are not sure of the exact time, we use “about

Ex: It’s about ten O’clock.

Now let’s have a look at some eight (8) adjectives mostly uses when expressing a manner.


  1. Asleep.
  2. Awake.
  3. Afraid.
  4. Alone.
  5. Aware.
  6. Alive.
  7. Alike.
  8. Ashamed.

Below are what they mean:

1. Be asleep = be sleeping.

2. Be awake = not be sleeping.

3. Be afraid = fear something, feel fear.

4. Be alone = be on your own, not be with anyone.

5. Be aware (of something) = take care about something, sense something.

6. Be alive = be living, not to be dead

7. Be alike = be similar, look similar.

8. Be ashamed (of something) = feel guilty about something you have done.

Here are some examples :

  • Are you aware of any problems with this car?
  • I’m alone in the office tomorrow while everyone else is on holiday.
  • James is afraid of spider.
  • Muhammad sunusi lamido sunusi, an ex emir of kano state was still alive in 2021.
  • These two boys are very alike, aren’t they? – yes, they are brothers.


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