These are some common error which occurs in sentence.


Wrong: His junior brother has been admitted in the university.

Correct: His younger brother has been admitted to the university.

Wrong: Musa dropped at sheka bus stop.

Correct: Musa alighted / got down at sheka bus stop.

Wrong: There is always a go slow on lagos roads.

Correct: There is always hold up/traffic jam/block on lagos roads.

Wrong: Our senior brother may come today.

Correct: Our elder brother may come today.

Wrong: Malam langasa is my tight friend.

Correct: Malam langasa is my emitted/closed/fast friend.

Wrong: Will you pass the exam? “I hope.”

Correct: Will you pass the exam? “I hope so.”

Wrong: The meeting will take place on upper week.

Correct: The meeting will take place week after the next.

Wrong: I met him yesterday night.

Correct: I met him last night.

Wrong: Combine the two classes together.

Correct: Combine the two classes.

Wrong: How far?

Correct: How are you (doing)?

Wrong: Are you hearing me?

Correct: Can you hear me?

Wrong: I prefer the cow meat.

Correct: I prefer the beef.

Wrong: Time is against us.

Correct: We are running out of time/we are pressed for time.

Wrong: My master is not on seat now.

Correct: My master is not available now.

Wrong: I am feeling sleeping.

Correct: I am feeling sleepy.


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