Some 15 examples of phrasal verb and an idioms

In linguistics phrasal verb is a two-word verb, consisting of a verb and a “small” adverb, that has an idiomatic meaning not easily predictable from the individual parts.

Another definition of phrasal verb is a phrase, consisting of a verb and either or both of a preposition or adverb, that has idiomatic meaning.

Below are some 15 examples of phrasal verb:

1. Account for: give good reason for doing something.

Ex: You must account for what you spend.

2. Back out: withdraw, refuse.

Ex: I told him to clean room but he back out later.

3. Back up: support someone or something.

Ex: My friend did not back me up in our debate.

4. Be in: be at home, or in the home.

Ex: Please find out whether the teacher is in.

5. Be out: be away from home.

Ex: I am now be out, I will meet you later.

6. Be away: be away from home.

Ex: I am unavailable because I be away.

7. Be back: return from.

Ex: Wait! I will be back soon.

8. Call at: visit.

Ex: I want call at my friend tomorrow.

9. Call off: cancel something.

Ex: The workers called off the strike.

10. Call out: call someone.

Ex: Pleased sir! You didn’t call out my name.

11. Care about: take interest.

Ex: She doesn’t care about her dress.

12. Carry on: continue.

Ex: I carried on my research for five years.

13. Carry out: perform, obey or fulfill.

Ex: You must carry out my orders.

14. Clean out: clean room/cupboard/drawer.

Ex: You have to clean out the room, before I be back.

15. Hold on: wait.

Ex: We have to hold on till the road is safe.


An idioms can simply be seen as a manner of speaking, a mode of expression peculiar to a language, person, or group of people.

Below are some 15 examples of an idioms:

1. A block head: a dull person.

Ex: I can’t teach her English because she is a block head.

2. High time: it is already late.

Ex: It is high time that you gave up smoking.

3. The flower: the best part of something.

Ex: Amierre is the flower of my life.

4. To end in smoke: to fail.

Ex: All my attempt to employ Abubakar ended in smoke.

5. At the state: in danger.

Ex: He is at the state, because police are looking for him.

6. Out of sorts: unwell.

Ex: Amina is out of sorts now.

7. At home in: familiar with.

Ex: I am at home in mathematics.

8. At sea: in confusion.

Ex: When she failed in her exam, she makes me at sea.

9. Child’s play: an easy thing.

Ex: Mathematics is a child’s play to me.

10. A man of word: a person who fulfill his promise.

Ex: My friend is a man of word, he helps me in my distress.

11. Man of parts: a very talent person.

Ex: Mallam Abubakar is a man of parts.

12. Sum and substance: the summary.

Ex: Can you tell me the sum and substance of the story? “Yess I will”.

13. Better half: wife.

Ex: Al’ameen is already love his better half.

14. Once and for all: finally.

Ex: I decided once and for all not to sit for this exam.

15. A cock and bull story: a false story.

Ex: He tried to convince me by telling me a cock and bull story.


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