These are 15 proverbs with their meaning and 25 name of places.

Below are some 15 examples of proverbs and their meaning:

1. A bird in hand is worh two in a bush. {Possession is better than expectation}.

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed. {It is a true friend that help in need}.

3. A good dog deserves a good bone. {Good work deserves a good pay}.

4. A small leak will sink a great ship. {Little drops of water make the mighty ocean}.

5. A stich in time saves nine. {Do the right thing at the right time}.

6. A tree does not make a forest. {It takes all sorts to make a world}.

7. Birds of a feather flock together. {People of the same character moves together}.

8. East or west, home is the best. {There is no place like home}.

9. Seeing is believing. {Example is better than precepts}.

10. Knowledge is power. {Knowledge makes a man wise and intelligent}.

11. Make hay while the sun shines. {Seize every opportunity}.

12. Rome was not built in a day. {Great things are never done in a short time}.

13. Practice makes perfect. {Regular used makes perfection}.

14. Unity is strength. {United we stand, divided we fall}.

15. You cannot eat your cake and have it. {You cannot have it both ways}.


1. Archive: where government records are kept.

2. Arsenal: where weapons’ ammunitions are made or stored.

3. Aviary: where birds are kept.

4. Bakery: where breads and cakes are made.

5. Bar: where alcoholic drinks are made.

6. Barrack: where soldiers live.

7. Café: a small restaurant where food and drinks are sold.

8. Cemetery: where the dead are buried.

9. College: a school for higher learning.

10. Crèche: public nursery where babies are look after when mothers are at work.

11. Den: a cave or home of lion.

12. Dispensary: where medicines are made or obtain.

13. Metropolis: the main city of a country.

14. Orchard: where fruits trees are grown.

15. Mortuary: where dead body a kept.

16. Quarry: where stone and slate are obtained for building.

17. Refinery: factory where crude oil purified.

18. Lavatory: a room with a basin and a flush toilet.

19. Laundry: where clothes are washed and iron.

20. Incinerator: a place for burning rubbish.

21. Dockyard: where ships are built and repaired.

22. Warehouse: where goods are stored.

23. Studio: where an artist photographer work.

24. Quay: where ships load and unload.

25. Tannery: where leather is made.


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