Why is organic chemistry based on carbon compounds?

Organic chemistry is the study of the synthesis, structure, reactivity and properties of the diverse group of chemical compounds primarily constructed of carbon.

Note that: All life on earth is carbon-based, thus organic chemistry is also the basis of biochemistry.

1. Life is based on nonmetals, only traces of metal used as enzyme co-factors are needed for life.

2. Carbon is tetraco-ordinate which means it can be chiral turns out it there is no chirality, there is no life.

3. Carbon is 2.5 in electronegativity, roughly in the middle of the spectrum that goes up to 4.0 on the Pauling Scale.

4. Carbon compounds in their reduced forms hydrocarbons is the basis of organic chemistry not carbon alone.

It is the first misconception about the subject people have the very definition. Diamonds are pure carbon unit cells of adamantane…no hydrogen = not organic at all (CO2, CO, ureas, carbonates, carbamates etc).

5. Carbon has a cycle that is utterly dependent on consumers and producers….carbon fixation by plants into stored energy and consumers which turn that down into CO2 and water.

I cannot think of any more reasons. It’s like trying to come up reasons why cars are based on engines. Why birds bird and why do bees bee?

6. It is the most important element on this planet.


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